As a young urban artist, I grew up running around the streets of New York City—on a diet of fast food and candy bars. In 1998, I was dragged to a hippy-dippy raw food retreat in the middle of the desert. The first night, I literally crawled out of a window and hopped into my car in search of fast food and candy.

There was nothing around. Forced to eat whole foods for the first time in my life, something profound happened…By the end of the retreat, I felt strong, energized, and alert like never before. It was amazing! Since that moment, I’ve transformed my life by going vegan and have been a staunch advocate for health and happiness ever since. My goal—to make healthy food relatable to people who grew up like me, addicted to that big brand candy bar flavor (you know what I’m talking about!). So I created a healthy version—a nutrient-dense, “milk”-chocolatey bar for people with old-school tastes and new-school sensibilities…it’s finally here!

The BUA BAR tastes so good, it should be bad!